Period 4 and Period 5 World Literature

Go to my page for assignment details and handouts. 

Get course materials! (binder, dividers (3), teeny tiny post-its, highlighter)
Last Day for missing work: June 9th 
(does not include reassessment) 
Cold Read #2 is Wednesday 5-31 and Thursday 6-1
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vocab Summative 83-88 will be on Friday May 19th 

Animal Farm reading schedule 
Read ch. 1 Thursday 5-11                   
Read ch 2  Friday 5-12
Read Ch. 3 Monday 5-13 
read  Ch. 4  Tuesday 5-14
Read Ch. 5  for Friday 5-19
Read Ch. 6/7  for Monday 5-22
Finish the book ch 8-10 by June 5th 

Campaign Speech and poster/ video are due June 6th . Videos will be shown in class.  (includes campaign commercial if you made one as well as the speech you wrote with your partner. 


Annotated copy of  Persepolis is Due Wednesday 5-10. (rdg summative) 

Persepolis Summative is due Friday 5-12. -5 pts for each day it is late!  (3 days of class time will be provided to prepare) see Google Google Classroom  (WRT summative) 

Persepolis mind map due Thursday 4-20 via Lucid chart. Share with

Sheep and Trip Questions due Thursday 4-20
The Letter, The party,  Moscow, Heroes due Monday 4-17
Image Analysis (image of your choice on classroom)
 due 4-17

Persepolis Reading Schedule:  ** Note: you only need to do the minimum of 6 post-its even when I assign two sections of reading for one homework assignment. 

AFTER break:
read and annotate " Shabbat and The Dowry" by Monday 5-8
read and annotate "Passport and Kim Wilde" by Thurs. 5-2
read and annotate " The Wine" and "The Cigarette" OVER VACATION. 
read "F-14's" and "The Jewels" and "The Key" annotate by Thursday 4-20
read " The Sheep" and "The Trip" and annotate by Monday 4-17
read " Moscow" and annotate by Thursday 4-13
read  "The Party" and "Heroes" and annotate by 4-10
read: "Persepolis" and annotate by Thursday 4-6 read " The Bicycle" and "The Water Cell" and annotate by Monday 4-3.
read "The Veil" and annotate per the annotation guidelines by Tuesday 3-28.
annotate per the annotation guidelines by Tuesday 3-28. see  Google Classroom  for information 
Vocab 81-82 packet and quiz are due Friday 3-24
Vocab Summative #1 (75-82) will take place on Thursday 3-30. 

See  Google Classroom  for the quizlet to help you study! 
Analysis paper Due Dates (updated!)

Literary Analysis Essay:  See Google Classroom for

handouts.  Google Classroom 

Due Dates:  

Outline is due at the end of class on Thursday 3-16

Rough Draft is due at the end of class on Tuesday 3-21

Final Draft is Due  at the end of class on Friday 3-24

Swallows of Kabul  

Finish the book by Friday 3-10.  

Study Guide is due Wednesday March 3-15

Socratic Seminar will be on Friday 3-10 see Google Classroom: Google Classroom for handouts 

(3/14 Possible) Blizzard Bag Assignment: see Google Classroom


Figurative Language Review Handout is due Monday Feb. 20th
Character Analysis Handout is due Wednesday 2-22. 

Summative Dates:  Cold Read Test next week Wed. 2-22
We will be annotating the short story on Tues. 2-21 so it is wise to be here. 

Swallows of Kabul  

Ch.11 will be your reading over break.  
Complete all the activities in your study guide up through Chapter 10 by Monday Feb. 20th. 
Study guide counts as a formative grade. You should have completed all the activities up to chapter 7/8. 
Read 103-115 SOK ( Wed. night)
Read 93-102  tonight ( Tuesday 2-14)
Read 81-91 
REad  71-79 Read 61-70 SOK. 
REad  44-52/ 53-60Read 39-44  No Reading tonight (2-2):  Complete Ch3. Study guide Grid. read pgs 33-38 (p4) read pgs 24-30 (p5 only) read pgs 29-34.Continue using post-its to identify pov. (Wed)
read pgs 17-23.Continue using post-its to identify pov. (Tues)
read pgs 5-10. Continue using post-its to identify pov. 

Get Course materials by Monday 1-30.
Signed Prospectus Acknowledgement Due Friday 1-27
Vocab 75-76 Due Friday 2-3. Quiz Day 2-3.

Jigsaw presentations are due Monday. 

Poetry Out Loud
Choose 2 poems from and print for Tuesday 2-7
Annotate for tone, syntax, diction, figurative language for Wednesday. 

Memorize 1 poem and be prepared to recite for the class on Friday 2-10  ( Period 5 Monday 2-13)

Blizzard Bag Assignment: Google Classroom