Period 2 Rhetoric II

 ***  If this page doesn't have anything on it, go to Most assignments are posted there. 
Last Day for missing work: June 9th 
(does not include reassessment) 

Cold Read #2 is on Friday 5-26

Sunflower / Critiques
The Perils of Indifference annotations and organizer are due Friday May 19 at the end of class. 

Study Guide and Reading Schedule: 
Read 15-40 by Wednesday 5-17
read 41-58 by Monday 5-22
read 59-78 by Wed. 5-24
Read 78-85 by Friday 5-26
Read 85-99 by Wed. 6-1

Vocab Summative 83-88 will be on Friday May 19th 

Written responses are due Wednesday 5-10.  (2 days of class time will be provided to type.) 
Socratic Seminar May 5th

Finish study guide Thurs. 4-20
Antigone, Creon and Haimon/Teriesias Character Analysis sheets due Thursday 4-20
Exigency packet due Wednesday 4-19

Global Issue Research Paper: 
Final Drafts due by 4-14
* Rough Drafts of your research paper are due Friday 4-7. This includes your works cited page. 
* Complete one "argument" paragraph on your outline for Monday's class (3-27)
* Outlines will be worked on in class and at home. It will be due by 3-31.
*Thursday's class: Write a thesis and fill in your claims for your three supporting argument paragraphs. 

*Choose your topic and country that you want to research by Thursday 3-16.  

Check-in#1: You must have 3 sources with at least 2-3 facts/notes taken by the end of class on Wed. 3-22

Check-in #2: You must have a total of 5 sources (including the first three)  with 2-3 facts taken by the end of class on Monday 3-27

Please finish watching Crash Course Oedipus 101 on classroom: Google Classroom
Vocab 81-82 packet and quiz are due Friday 3-24. 
 Vocab Summative #1 (units 75-82) will take place on Thursday 3-30. 

(3/14 Possible)Blizzard Bag Assignment: Google Classroom

Tonight: Study your vocab words.     Traffic Synthesis will be done primarily in class.  See Google Classroom for handouts. 

**Traffic Synthesis is due Friday 3-10 at the end of class after the vocab quiz. 

Mon/Tues Read and annotate the "dress code" packet using your notes on "effective evidence".  See Google Classroom for handouts. 

Read page 517-518 in the Norton Anthology. (book is accessible in class only, see me for a copy! ) 
Take notes on "Finding Effective Evidence" page 522 only  
Read pages 524, 528-529

Vocab 79-80 Quiz and Packet due Friday 3-10.

Reassess Cold Read Test and/ or Critique by 3-15. 

Reassess Cold Read Test and/ or Profile Essay by 3-15. 

Profile Essay Due Dates. 
1st Interviews and Pre interviews DUE Thursday 2-2
20 Interview questions for second interview are due 2-3 
2nd formal interview is due Monday 2-6
Outlines and Thesis are due Friday 2-10
Rough Drafts Due Wednesday 2-15.  
Final Draft of Profile due Monday 2-20. I will accept Final Drafts until Tuesday 2-21

***** I will accept profile essays until Friday 2-24. 

Get Course materials by Monday 1-30.
Signed Prospectus Acknowledgement Due Friday 1-27
Vocab 75-76 Due Friday 2-3. Quiz Day 2-3.

Read up to page 8 of "The Cop" for Monday's class. 
complete #'s 1-3 of the "Break it Down" handout for the Adele profile. 

Blizzard Bag Assignment:   Google Classroom