Period 1 Rhetoric II

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Last Day for missing work: June 9th 
(does not include reassessment) 
Cold Read Wed. 5-31/ Thursday 6-1
The Profile Essay Unit 
Due Dates: 
Pre Interview/ First interview (casual) Due EOB Friday 5-26
20 Questions due EOB Friday 5-26
Second Interview due EOB Tuesday 5-30
Outlines Due 6-5
Rough Draft due 6-8
Final Draft due 6-13

Vocab Summative 83-88 will be on Friday May 19th 
Mock Trial Reflections are due Friday 5-19 on classroom.

The Mock Trial Summative has begun! Your schedule of activities is on your "Role" packet. Class time during the week of 5-8 through 5-12 will be used to prepare according to your "role". If you miss a day(s) you are responsible for completing the work as indicated on the schedule. Be there for your team! You are all important to the success of this process so take it seriously. 
Mock Trial Handouts. See attached. 
Jurors, see link

Trial Dates are Monday May 15th and Tuesday May 16th.

Finish study guide Thurs. 4-20
Antigone, Creon and Haimon/Teriesias Character Analysis sheets due Thursday 4-20
Exigency packet due Wednesday 4-19

Global Issue Research Paper: 
Final Drafts due by 4-14
* Rough Drafts of your research paper are due Friday 4-7. This includes your works cited page. 
* Complete one "argument" paragraph on your outline for Monday's class (3-27)
* Outlines will be worked on in class and at home. It will be due by 3-31.
*Thursday's class: Write a thesis and fill in your claims for your three supporting argument paragraphs. 

*Choose your topic and country that you want to research by Thursday 3-16.  

Check-in#1: You must have 3 sources with at least 2-3 facts/notes taken by the end of class on Wed. 3-22

Check-in #2: You must have a total of 5 sources (including the first three)  with 2-3 facts taken by the end of class on Monday 3-27

Please finish watching Crash Course Oedipus 101 on classroom: Google Classroom
Vocab 81-82 packet and quiz are due Friday 3-24. 
 Vocab Summative #1 (units 75-82) will take place on Thursday 3-30. 
(3/14 possible)Blizzard Bag Assignment: 

Tonight: Study your vocab words.     Traffic Synthesis will be done primarily in class.  See Google Classroom for handouts. 

**Traffic Synthesis is due Friday 3-10 at the end of class after the vocab quiz. 

Mon/Tues Read and annotate the "dress code" packet using your notes on "effective evidence".  See Google Classroom for handouts. 

Read page 517-518 in the Norton Anthology. (book is accessible in class only, see me for a copy! ) 
Take notes on "Finding Effective Evidence" page 522 only  
Read pages 524, 528-529

Vocab 79-80 Quiz and Packet due Friday 3-10.

Reassess Cold Read Test and/ or Critique by 3-15. 


Annotation of "Perils of Indifference" due Monday 2-20
Critique Organizer (rough draft) due beginning of class Tues. 2-21
Final Draft due Wednesday 2-22. 

**** I will accept late formative work until the end of today Wednesday 2-22. *****


Please return your book to me by Wednesday. 
Summative Dates:  
Socratic Seminar Thursday 2-16 see Google Classroom for handouts. 

Cold Read Test Friday 2-17

REad 97-end by Thursday
Read 85-97
Read pgs 75-84 (Tues 2-7 hw) and study guide questions
Read pgs 66-74 
Read pgs 54-65 (in class)
Read pgs 47-54. Study guide questions. 
Read pgs 39-46 . Finish question we started answering in classroom.  
Read pgs 29-38. Study guide questions (ch.3)Read pgs 12-22.Study guide questions #1-3 Read Night pgs 3-11. Study guide questions #1-4

Get Course materials by Monday 1-30.
Signed Prospectus Acknowledgement Due Friday 1-27
Vocab 75-76 Due Friday 2-3. Quiz Day 2-3.

Blizzard Bag Assignment:  Google Classroom